Target your audience on the internet.

Jumpstream expands your online engagement while preserving brand safety and campaign reach.

Jumpstream for Brands & Advertisers

Build your own branded media channel across the Internet.


Publishers share our free celebrity content from the marketplace onto their websites.


Our technology then runs fast-loading, CBA compliant, custom in-image ads across each image and video.


Publishers and creators are paid from those ads that appear within our image frame.


Creators and brands can then livestream and sell products through each image across the Internet. (Coming Soon)

Why advertisers love Jumpstream

  • Strengthen relationships with your influencers.
  • Know exact URL’s your ads appear online.
  • Complete pricing transparency for each ad.
  • Direct online traffic to individual URL’s.
  • Ability to remove ads from unsavory websites.
  • Sell products directly through your images. (Coming soon)

What makes Jumpstream different than other ad networks?

“Searching for creators!”

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