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Our Story

Jumpstream was founded in 2022 by Matthew Goldman, an exec with several large-scale photo agencies (Getty, Corbis) who teamed up with Jonathan Thomas, a photographer, and owner of a photo licensing agency specializing in Interior Design and Architecture. Together they built a custom platform for the tracking and recovery of lost licensing fees for photographers and digital media agencies. Within two years, the company was monitoring over 11 million client images on a monthly basis.

But there was one problem, approximately 99% of the images that were found to be stolen were on editorial websites (news, entertainment, blogs, etc.) and not on the commercial sites that the company was focused on. The two quickly began developing technologies for photographers to control and monetize their content across the Internet. The company focused on the growing embeddable technology made popular by websites like YouTube, Instagram, and Canva. This allowed the company to track and place in-image ads across their shareable files.

By 2021, the company pivoted from a protection-based model to a freemium ad-based platform working with a global network of photographers and agencies. It was also at this time a light bulb went off. Influencer marketing was growing at an accelerated pace, yet no one had created a comprehensive platform to help creators monetize their content on the Internet.

In 2023, the Jumpstream influencer marketing platform was launched, giving creators, brands, and studios the ability to track, message, and monetize their photos across the Internet using emerging AI technology. By being the first platform to offer everyone amazing content from the world’s top influencers, brands, and celebrities, Jumpstream is positioned to grow in this new Web3 environment.

Jumpstream is the first influencer driven ad network outside of social media channels where their content is featured in stories from the world's top publishers.

Jumpstream is transforming the internet into the next great social experience.

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